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About Gaby Fling

Gaby looks at the world with an aesthetic eye. She finds beauty in the smallest details and knows how to capture femininity in her own mesmerising way; From a scene taken in wild nature to a portrait in a bedroom, or a shot at the pool; her photographs fill the room with luscious colour scaling, pure sensuality and all varieties of femininity.

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Gaby showcased her first work in in 2004 with her “Selfie” exhibition (when a selfie wasn’t even a ‘thing’ yet). Her inspiration comes from travels all over the world which resulted in her book ‘Natural Ingredients’ (red. 2021) where she takes you on a trip all over the world, starting with a Mediterranean Breakfast, moving to a Vegas lunch, feasting over an American Dinner and topping it off with an Italian Dessert.

Gaby is a forward thinking artist. She has a background in styling and fashion, but her passion for photography and art grew bigger which turned her into the artist she is today. Gaby chose to cut out the middle man and work without an agency or management as she rather connects with people that love her work. Aside from her In Real Life photography, she is creating a collection that are available as NFT’s.

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