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Take a look at the Limited Art

Gaby’s Limited Art collection is exclusively available through our trusted representatives, galleries, and international exhibitions.

Few industries are as competitive as fashion photography; documenting beauty, styling fashionably and capturing moments. We can all be harsh critics, but when faced with stunningly well-shot images, we stop in awe. A fleeting glimpse of skin, a small piece of lace, a longing look, these are intimate moments, moments of beauty, that need to be captured and few do it as well as photographer Gaby Fling, as she waits for the perfect moment in each shoot.

Capturing a moment in time with a simple click of the shutter is something that we are starting to take for granted, but within the swamp of snaps, there are some great images that really pique our interest, brimming with originality and a certain unique essence. Amsterdam-based Fling is one of these treasured few, shooting with the insight of how to capture true feeling, catching intimate moments in a split second without tricks. Her art is not only causing a stir, but bringing across a new perspective, allowing you to look through her eyes, seeing what she sees. Fling takes you with her into her world of seeing and believing.

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